Foodlover, Beauty Brand-Hopper, Travelbug, Dogmom & Founder.
At the age of 10 I already was a proud owner of a lipstick collection with more than 50 lipsticks. Influenced by my mother, who never leaves the house without lipstick, I also discovered my great love for lip products.
In the search for the perfect lipstick, however, I reached my limits. Because I noticed more and more that most products contain far too many harmful substances.
The alternative? natural cosmetics! Just not an option for me, because I simply lacked the desired performance and the products had never convinced me. In addition, more and more prominent faces launched their own beauty brands with beautiful designs that I would rather have on my bathroom shelf than the monotonous natural cosmetic products.
These were sometimes too colorful or playful for me, sometimes too boring and interchangeable. So nothing came between my favorite beauty brand and the cosmetics shelves in organic shops for a long time. So I stayed with synthetic cosmetics because I cared more about my appearance than having to compromise on the environment or health. It was clear to me that this was a contradiction to my already healthy diet and I accepted it for the perfect look.
While great natural skin care products appeared over time, I waited in vain for really cool decorative natural cosmetics. And then what else is left:
It's best to do it yourself and better!
Driven by my long-awaited dream of putting my heart and soul into my own cosmetics brand, I decided to found LΛVIOS. And.....BAM: 2020 LΛVIOS was founded!

xoxo J